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Legal Group

AWS Younus Group was founded on principles similar to its original incarnation

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Nafissa Droubi ~ Queen of Monday(.com)

The ideal “fire and forget” arrow, Nafissa has been a reliable team player that can be left to execute any number of tasks while flying towards the bullseye. As an Executive Manager, Nafissa has shown exceptional leadership and strategic thinking skills. They have effectively project managed a diverse range of tasks and successfully set up an efficient call inquiries process for the legal department. Their efforts have greatly improved the group’s capabilities and ability to manage and report on multiple lines of inquiry.

Nafissa also played a key role in the roll-out of that has been instrumental in building the future of the company. Their ability to drive results and manage tight deadlines is truly impressive, and her unofficial title as “Queen of Monday” is well earned.

There is no doubt that Nafissa will continue to make significant contributions to the company’s success from the outside as part of the wider AWS Family. Thank you for all that you have done.

What They Really Thought Of Her

Her Work Fam

Starting from a family business, our people present family values, and integrate a balance of corporate professionalism and humane consideration in all that we do. Our goal is not solely chasing higher profits or reaching quarterly targets; we care about how we can achieve them, and aim to do so in manners most beneficial to the people we assist, as well as the community as a whole.