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Since its inception in 1999 by three distinguished lawyers with a combined legal experience of over 80 years, our law firm has thrived and prospered. Our firm was founded with the name Hammurabi in its infancy, who was the 6th king of the First Babylonian Dynasty of the Amorite tribe and author of the Hammurabi Code, the world’s first legal enactment.

As our firm developed and advanced to even further levels of success, thanks to the intelligent decision-making and changes implemented by the team, we added an array of prominent lawyers from various backgrounds and ethnicities, wherefore our law firm name was changed first to Al Suwaidi Advocates & Legal Consultants, and then to AWS Advocates & Legal Consultants with the association of Suhad Al Jaboori; thus, our team of experienced lawyers has flourished and our family grown to 20 lawyers operating in the UAE between our Dubai and Abu Dhabi offices, all of whom put their utmost efforts towards providing the very best legal services to our clients.



AWS Legal Group


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