AWS Younus Group is a conglomerate with the stated objective of providing immersive and engaging services across a multitude of industries, all while maintaining prioritization of the quality and performance of our products.

Legal Group

AWS Younus Group was founded on principles similar to its original incarnation

With the most in-depth, modern skillsets and groundbreaking, up-to-date tech, we are well-equipped to meet all your professional needs in a variety of fields.

On a pleasant evening in Abu Dhabi on the 15th of April, AWS Younus Group was delighted to attend a Suhoor dinner hosted by the Iraqi Embassy in honor of the UAE journalists who covered the Gulf Cup, which was won by the Iraqi team. The event was a vibrant celebration of culture, camaraderie, and networking, providing an excellent opportunity for the group to build bridges with professionals from various industries.

Ambassador Dr. Mudhaffar Mustafa Al-Jubouri hosted the event, and the chairman of AWS Younus Group, Mr. AWS Younus, had the privilege of meeting the consulate of Iraq to the UAE during the dinner. The two discussed potential opportunities for collaboration and support, specifically with regards to legal work. The conversation was fruitful and promising, and the group looks forward to exploring further collaboration with the Iraqi Embassy.

The event was a fantastic showcase of the rich culture of Iraq and the UAE, providing a platform for professionals to connect and celebrate the achievements of Iraqi sports. AWS Younus Group was honored to be a part of recognizing the efforts of UAE journalists, and the group is grateful to the Iraqi Embassy and Ambassador Dr. Mudhaffar Mustafa Al-Jubouri for hosting such a delightful event.

AWS Younus Group is committed to building bridges through culture and collaboration, and the group’s legal division is dedicated to providing exceptional legal services and support to clients in the UAE and beyond. With a team of experienced legal professionals, the group has established itself as a leading law firm in the UAE, providing high-quality legal services to its clients.

The event was a testament to the group’s commitment to building strong relationships and exploring new opportunities for collaboration and support. AWS Younus Group looks forward to continuing to build bridges and exploring new horizons, driven by the values of professionalism, integrity, and excellence.


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