Embracing Unique Approaches in Real Estate Management

Dubai, Jun 26, 2023 — Interview with Fares Al Awar:

Fares Al Awar, a seasoned real estate manager, brings his unique approach and wealth of experiences to our team. with a background in GGC Management services facility services and subsequent relocation to Dubai, fares is driven to enhance the performance of the Younus group leveraging our diverse range of services, including property fitting out, design, and resolving banking or developer issues, we aim to forge strong client relationships and ensure their utmost satisfaction.

Fares possesses exceptional leadership skills and a proven track record in training and motivating agents. He is actively building a solid team around him, recognizing the value they bring to our group. In the dynamic and ever-changing real estate market of Dubai, Fares acknowledges the unpredictability resulting from continuous new markets and investments. Despite having joined our team just three weeks ago, Fares has already successfully managed closing three deals, highlighting his effectiveness and quick integration. While he avoids micromanagement, Fares believes in nurturing and managing emotions, as an excessive sense of optimism can lead to disappointment.

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