AWS Internship Program: The Way We Give Back To The Community

Dubai, July 07, 2023 — The AWS Group Internship program is a reflection of our commitment to giving back to our community. At AWS, we firmly believe that our community plays a vital role in our success and growth. With this in mind, we have established a comprehensive internship program that aims to provide valuable learning experiences to talented individuals within our community.

Zara Alibhai, an intern at our legal firm, recently shared her thoughts on her experience working with our group. Out of numerous candidates, Zara stood out due to her genuine interest in joining us. She first displayed her enthusiasm during our company’s participation in the career fair at Middlesex University Dubai, as part of our collaborative efforts with the university’s HR department Zara, an international law student in her third stage of studies, has a strong academic background in subjects such as public law, EU law, tort law, legal systems, criminal law, English legal, and commercial law. Throughout her three-month internship with us, she has been involved in various legal areas, including drafting general and criminal legal notices, labor law matters, collaboration contracts, conducting research, and providing consultations to clients.

We are happy to have Zara as a valuable member of our team, and we aim to provide her with a rewarding work experience that will significantly contribute to her future career endeavors.

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