Admin & Conveyance at AWS Holiday Homes

Dubai, August 07, 2023 — We are thrilled to welcome Fatima Akhlaq to our Holiday Homes team as an indispensable addition in the role of Admin & Conveyance. With her expertise and dedication, Fatima will be taking on key responsibilities, including managing A, B, and F contracts, tenancy agreements, NOC processing, POA documentation, and facilitating smooth communication between clients and banks. Her meticulous approach will ensure all necessary documents are efficiently handled, and she will be proficiently collecting cheques for our valued clients. Furthermore, Fatima’s outstanding organizational skills will come into play as she expertly books appointments at the trustees’ welcome center. With her joining our team, we are confident that our clients will experience enhanced convenience and seamless transactions. We look forward to the positive impact Fatima will bring to our holiday homes services and the exceptional customer experience she will help deliver

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